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Next project is under way.

After Haseo I wanted to go back to making props wanted to experiment with working in wood.  Back during my Haseo costume I made an attempt at the guns out of plywood.  These did not look very good, bits of chipping and a texture I found hard to remove.  I was so unhappy with these I didn’t include them in the costume and will be re-attempting then in wood (and/or maybe resin) once I become more comfortable with working in wood.

My previous props had either been styrene or cardboard (See my cardboard scythe).

I have begun to work on Sword Art Online main character, Kirito.

The Elucidator:

This sword will be built with one piece of 1/2″ poplar for the main body, one piece of 1/4″ poplar for the pomel details and a 1 inch dowel for the handle.

Here is my pommel design for it, adjust the size of the blade area until it fits your sword properly then print

Main measurements are as follows:

Total sword w/o handle: 86 cm (33.86 inches)

Blade width: 5.8 cm (2.28 inches)

Dowel handle (expected): 21 cm (8.27 inches)

Other important measurements:

Bottom tip is 10 cm (3.94 inches) from the point that is starts angling in.  These angles are 165 degrees.

The expansion towards the pommel begins at 73 cm (28.74 inches) (the point at which my pommel begin in the above sketch).

Angled area on blade: 0.9cm (.35 inches) of each side  (0.9 angled, 4cm flat, 0.9 angled)

Other Materials:


This sword can also be created using these measurements using cardboard like in my cardboard scythe tutorial or the common online cardboard sword tutorial techniques.  This will turn out best if the item is covered in either bondo and sanded or layers of gesso are used as a final primer.

Expanding Foam:

Although it isn’t ideal for a sword with such a large large surface expanding foam could also be used to carve this sword to the same specifications I have provided here.

I’ll post updates as I get to work on this sword, I just wanted to get some info about this project out there as I see many people interested in building this sword.

More frequent updates will be posted over at my facebook.  I’m waiting for a rain free day to land on a day I have free so that I can get to work, but no luck so far.  Vancouver winters mean rain for months on end! :(

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  1. Jordan Wipf says:

    I was wondering what is the width of the pommel and also what did you do for the hilt. Thanks! Btw nice job

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