Hey look, I’m alive again!

This was a commission for a friend of mine.

By the time I was done it weighed a total of 0.9 kg (2 lb) and was 142 cm (about 56 inches).





Started with a 1 inch square doweling, cut it in to three 21 cm.  ¼” holes was drill in to each open end to the deepest my dremel could manage with drill bits, including what would make up the top and bottom.  Then two iron rods were cut at just about double the depth of these holes.  The dremel has small cutting blades that very easily, and very well, cut through the ¼” iron rod.

The rods were set aside for a bit.

First these were built:


These are tight fitting tubes that are glued on to one end and fits extremely tightly to the other end.   A double layer of Worbla thermo plastic was used to build each one.  Each is just under 3 inches, as they fit under the diamonds.

Once these were built the iron rods were glued in to place and tested to make sure everything fit well.  When pulled apart these was even a “pop”, so they certainly fit well.

After these were completed the diamonds were built on top of them.  There is two parts to each diamond, the “base diamond” and the “face diamond”.

Pieces for each base diamond are below, a flat face was created for the face diamonds to attached to.  These were covered in paper clay to fix small defects/smooth them.


Completed base diamond:


Each face diamond was built out of a base of bristol board and duct tape (it worked, and kept the form well).  These were filled with model magic and some hot glue to help them hold their form.  Then covered with a light layer of paper clay to make them sandable and more durable.



W/ face diamond attached


The ends of the bow were formed out of 6 layers of foam board, shaped, and covered in paper clay to create a smooth but durable surface.


Two more iron rods were then cut which were the depth of the holes drilled earlier plus the depth required to attach the bow ends at the correct angle.

Lots of sanding, gesso, paint prep

Then paint and finishes.




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