1. Author

      What are you referring to specifically? Can what be used with clay?

  1. Instead of using worbla, will wonderflex work?

    1. Author

      For sure. Either is applicable for this, wonderflex can just be a bit harder to get to conform perfectly.

  2. Hey, this was great project. I had an interests to make this sword. But could you make a blueprints to this elucidator? It a bit hard to understand the measurement. If you could made a blueprints, please make it as easy to understand

    1. Author

      Hey, thanks. I don’t normally provide blueprints. Use the pomel area I’ve provided and add the length of sword you want on the other side of it.
      Otherwise go check out soynut prop’s blueprint for it. Learning to make your own blueprints is a good skill to have – so I’d give it a shot yourself first.

  3. these plans look amazing! I will definitely be making one myself (or attempting to!), however, one thing confused me, in this post it says to use a 1/2″ dowel but the post with the measurements it says that a 1″ dowel is needed, please clarify.

    1. Author

      Thanks for painting that out.
      It is suppose to be 1″, I’ll go correct that.

  4. hey i live in a townhouse do i have to have a garrage for this or can i do it on the grass outside

    1. Author


      I did this in a 550 square foot apartment with a small outdoor balcony. As long as you have some outside space to sand/cut wood (or are willing to do it inside) you’ll be fine.

  5. Hey, awesome work!
    Do you have a template for the Elucidator? I’d really like to make one for my self, thanks and awesome work btw! :D

    1. Author

      Hey Andreas,

      I have build notes in https://plantastic.picobin.com/?p=119 to do with measurement. Otherwise, I believe Soynut props has a Google sketch-up version of the blade. Although I would note as an aside that their pomel is not fully accurate and you are better off to use the one posted in my measurement notes.

      Hit me up over my facebook page if you’d like some more tips/help.

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