How much will it cost?

The cost of commissions varies upon complexity, size, materials ect.  A quote will be given which reflects estimated labour and material costs.  For larger commissions a 50% non-refundable deposit must be made. For small items the full amount must be paid up front.  For very large commissions I am happy to arrange a payment plan or split it out more. All amounts must be paid before item will be delivered.

Rush Orders/Last Minute

I will take rush orders if feasible, at a premium.

How will I receive my item?

I will ship anywhere, even internationally.  Shipping cost depending upon size and weight of item.  A large prop may be most expensive to ship as it will need additional packaging.

If you are located in/near the Lower Vancouver Mainland (British Columbia, Canada) or will be in that area pick up is accepted.

What types of commissions I accept

At this time I accept props, armour and sewing projects.  I am more likely to accept prop and/or armour commissions but can offer full or partial costumes.  For armour I can do foam and thermoplastic fabrication, resin casting and simple LED effects.  For props I have a variety of materials I work with, what is used will be based on your needs and the prop itself.  I can include simple LED effects into props as well – do note this may raise the cost of an item significantly due to the time wiring takes and how designs have to shift around them.

If you have an item you are interested in having me make, ask!  I will do custom characters or designs if enough reference material can be provided.

If the design/item is custom there will be a time cost for designing and sketches/designed will be OKed before moving ahead.


If cosplay involves fabrics or colours that you would like to check I am happy to send detailed photos or mail swatches (at the cost of the client).  If you are with-in the lower mainland you are free to either meet me in person to view these things or to come along with me when I go shopping.

If you have specific fabric you would like used in an appropriate amount it can be discussed.

Size Information

I can make items to fit standard sizing (please use Burda’s standards) or custom to your measurements.  Once I have received the information regarding your commission I will then send you a size chart and a list of measurements I need.  Armour may take more detailed measurements to ensure it will fit you well. Please ensure that your measuring is accurate, I will not be responsible for items not fitting correctly due to inaccurate measurements being provide nor will I provide a refund due to this.

Use as a guide for measuring yourself, I may ask for you to re-take measurements and/or for additional measurements.


  • If you have made your deposit but no longer want the costume after work has started I cannot offer a refund and you will not receive the partial item.  If you made your deposit but change your mind within 24 hours I can refund this back
  • If you have made your deposit but change your mind and want a different costume instead please inform me with-in 3 working days, as after that I will have purchased materials.  In many cases after materials have been purchased I cannot shift projects.


Please inform me if you have any allergies as that may affect material choices.